Silom 64 Building

Strategic Silom Office Space Location


Silom 64 Building is a rental office space building located at the heart of Silom Road, Bangkok's most important financial districts with many bank headquarters, financial institutions and office buildings. With over 20 years' experience, we provide our tenants a rental office space with focusing on their business needs. Serves a customer a quailty office space with understand.

Silom 64 Building located at the center of Silom. Third floor of the building is connected to the Sky walk of BTS Sala Daeng Station, The Bangkok Sky Train Transit system. There are many public transit system link between the building such as BTS Sky Train, MRT Subway Rail Transit, Bus, and Ferry. With the advatange of location, all of visitor can reach Silom 64 Building in various convenience way.

FlexibilityOffice Space

A strategic office location
with fully facility provides.
Fullfill every business commitment.
Drive every business opportunities.


Convenience Connected

Silom 64 Building is connected to the BTS Sala Daeng sky walk. You can walk through BTS Sky walk (Exit No.1) to the 3rd floor of our building. MRT Silom is also connected to the BTS Sala Daeng Sky walk.


Environment Friendliness

Our Rental Space is suitable for the business. With competitiveness business environment, all tenant will maximising workplace flexibility and productivity.


Readiness Facilities

Our Building provides an elevator with lavatory for every level. Providing the best convenience for our tenants and visitors.

Our valued Tenants